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About Us

Allow us to introduce ourselves...


Not only do we retail the finest 1/400 scale models made by the major manufacturers, but we also collect them as well by having more than 1500 pieces in our personal collection fully on display. For those of you that attend major airliner shows, we are a familiar face and for those that are new to this hobby, we would love to share our passion of aviation with you. 

Like many old time collectors, we started enjoying this hobby by acquiring ERTL and Schabak (1/600 scale) models. When Herpa Wings (1/500 scale) introduced the tampo print technology we gradually migrated away from the initial brands.Eventually, collector minded manufacturers, wanting nothing short of the best presented us with accurately scaled landing gears, registration numbers and a slightly larger scale (1/400), we settled mainly on the 1/400 scale and disposed of the rest. Why mainly 1/400 scale you ask? Because we find that the size is big enough to show outstanding details just like the real planes and still small enough to permit one to have a very large collection of them.
Still undecided if you want to shop with us? Drop us a note and we will be more than happy to provide you with some additional feedback received from other collectors over the years.
Enjoy your shopping experience with us and please do not hesitate to ask for our "collector" mentality should you require to do so.
How do I display my models
I have 4 large glass display cases which house all my models + 2 wall encased shelving displays to hold my Lebanese collection as well as the planes I actually flew on.
What does my store look like?
What does my office look like?
An Airport layout I created many years ago using the Herpa 1/500 scale airport set with 1/400 scale planes. Nowadays one can purchase the Gemini Jets Airport display in 1/400 scale.
Latest addition to my display possibilities. A runway section with Led lights that looks awesome in the dark.



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